Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Casey Cardinia Athletics Inc. will be held on Monday 18th December 2023, at 7:00pm via the Zoom online meeting platform.

We are also accepting new nominees to the committee across all roles. For more details, please check your email inbox or the Facebook group.

For new members looking for more information, please contact Stuart at

Preparing for Round One

Information Night
The club will be hosting an information night for the upcoming summer season on Tuesday 1st October, 6pm at the Casey Fields club rooms. Everyone is welcome, as we will be going over the registration process and the new competition structure, as well as having sample sizing of the new uniform to try on. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Round 1 
Registration for round 1 is now open and will close midday Wednesday 2nd October.

The uniform store is currently closed to process the orders received over the winter period. We’re hoping that the shop will be reopened by Monday 30th, and then will be closed regularly to submit orders. To get your singlet as early as possible, please order ASAP from when the store re-opens. Thank you for your patience!
Members and new athletes who currently do not have or are waiting for a singlet to arrive, can for now compete in either an old singlet or plain white top. We have a limited size run of old singlets that new members can borrow to compete in while waiting for theirs to arrive.
All club members are expected to either be in or have ordered a new singlet by December 21st.
A reminder that competition bottoms/shorts must either be official club uniform or black.

Summer is Coming: Get Prepared

Firstly, congratulations to our XC team this year, wrapping up this weekend at the Tan Relays. What we lack in numbers we make up for in spirit! The 2019/2020 Track and Field season kicks off in under two weeks. Make sure you have everything prepared to start competing!

Registration is open via the AV members portal. For athletes using our training facilities, please be registered by Thursday the 26th, as the club is liable without insurance for athletes. Otherwise, please register ASAP to be able to enter the first round of AV Shield League (October 5th). If there are any financial concerns or if you’re a new member looking to sign up, there are various packages available with more information available here.

Athletics Victoria Shield League
Don’t know what AV Shield League is? AVSL is the new competition format for this season. Athletes will no longer compete in age groups, and will instead compete as a whole club in divisions, with the opportunity to go head to head at the end of the year to find out who comes out on top! We’re really excited here at the club about the new format and hope to see our athletes make the most of the competition. More information on the new structure can be found here.

Hopefully everyone has picked up our new uniform. Everyone who can has to compete in the new uniform, as we are phasing out the old singlets. There will be leeway for the start of the season and new members until orders arrive, but we want everyone in the new tops by the end of the season! The uniform store can be found here or at Project Clothing. A reminder that in competition athletes must wear either club or black shorts, this is our specified uniform with AV.

Results Hub
The Results Hub will be the go to place for all results, rankings and ladders for Victorian Competition. Get familiar with navigating the page here.

Summer Handbook
The 2019/2020 Summer Handbook hasn’t been released yet, but keep your eyes on the AV website for it to pop up!

Competition Calendar
Hopefully everyone has had a look ahead at some of the competitions coming up this season. With the AV Shield League will come a specialised relay round and Nitro round, as well as the multiple Specialist meets and state competitions. The Calendar can be found here.

Casey Cardinia has allocations at Casey Fields on Tuesday and Thursday nights. All members are encouraged to make the most of our facilities.